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Moo Business Cards+: Share Your Photos with a Tap



Want a high-tech way to share photos with others? MOO recently launched a new product called Business Cards+ that can help. On the surface, they look just like ordinary business cards that can be printed with personalized designs. However, inside each one is an embedded NFC chip that can trigger actions with a simple tap of an NFC-capable smartphone.


Once your card has been created, you can choose what actions you’d like your card to perform through MOO Paper+ website. You can have it take people to your website, or open up your photo portfolio, and much more.

The card is then ready to go. Hand it out to prospective clients, and you’ll be able to immediately see your work by simply tapping the card against their phone.


If you need to change the cards’ actions in the future, you can do so by visiting the website. The card’s behavior will be updated remotely, even after you’ve handed them out.

The MOO website also has analytics that allow you to track when the cards are used to see how many views you’re getting and how people are interacting with your information — all in real time.

Here’s a short video that introduces Business Cards+ and shows how they work:

MOO Business Cards+ start at $22.49 for packs of 20 cards and can be ordered at quantities of up to 800 cards. Visit the product’s website if you’d like to get started with making your own.