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This $5,900 Workstation Lets You Post-Process Your Photos Lying Down



Sitting for long periods of time has been shown to be bad for your health, leading more and more people to adopt other positions for working at a computer. If you’ve always dreamed of being able to stand, sit, and lie down at the same workstation while post-processing mountains of photos, the new $5,900 Altwork Station is for you.

The workstation is the creation of a Sonoma Valley, California-based startup called Altwork, which has put 5 years of brainpower and advanced engineering into designing the perfect workstation that adapts to your many needs.

There are four modes in the station: standing, collaboration (swiveling the monitor), regular (sitting), and focus (reclining).



While you’re lying down, strong magnets help keep your keyboard and mouse in place while they’re suspended on the desk above you.


Switching between the modes involves pressing buttons on a little panel built into the desk. The chair shifts between the different shapes with movements reminiscent of a patient chair in a dentist’s office.

The size and cost of the chair definitely isn’t for anyone, but if you have deep pockets and find yourself often staring intensely at your computer for many hours at a time — as many photographers do — Altwork thinks you can benefit from being able to easily change positions every once in a while.

The Altwork Station will retail for $5,900 when it starts shipping in mid-2016, but the company is currently taking orders for an “early adopter” price of $3,900.

(via Altwork via Laughing Squid)