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How to Make a DIY Grid Spot Out of Straws With Tape Instead of Glue


Photographer Isiah Xiong made this 3-minute video tutorial showing how you can quickly, easily, and cheaply build a grid spot for your flash using black straws. Instead of gluing things together, Xiong uses strips of masking tape.

For the project, you’ll need black straws, some tag board, and masking tape.

You’ll need to cut the straws into little sections and then lay those sections side-by-side on a strip of tape.


Then, build a “housing” for the grid spot by measuring, cutting, scoring, and taping the tag board. Finally, roll the straws up into a bundle, stick them into the housing, and voila! A do it yourself grid spot that you can use on your flash.




Watch the video above for a detailed step-by-step tutorial with measurements you can follow. You can also subscribe to Xiong’s YouTube channel if you’d like to keep up with his DIY tutorials. We previously shared his builds for a DIY square light and a DIY Eyelighter.

(via Isiah Xiong via ISO 1200)