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Creating a Composite Car Photo Using a Parking Lot Snapshot



A couple of days ago, photographer and retoucher Clint Davis shared a guest post about how he created composite photos for a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 brochure. Turkish photographer and retoucher Burak Erzincanli was also recently commissioned to create a composite with a Mercedes Sprinter.

The job was for Leisure Vans, a Canadian recreational vehicle company. The photo above is what resulted — it shows a Sprinter speeding along a seaside highway. It’s actually the composite of this photo of the scene and this (very ordinary) photo of a Sprinter siting in a parking lot in front of a building:



Here’s a 17-second-long step-by-step video showing how the composite was created:

Here’s how the final image was used on the Leisure Vans website: