A Demo of Canon’s 250MP Sensor and Its ‘Turbulence Removal’ Feature

At Canon EXPO Paris 2015 last week, in addition to showing off its prototype ultra-sensitive CMOS sensor, Canon was also showing off the power of the ultra-high-resolution 250-megapixel sensor it unveiled back in September.

In the 3-minute video above is what Canon was looping in an exhibit for the new sensor.

The video starts out by showing how much detail the 250-megapixel sensor can capture. Tiny crops of wide angle photos show an incredible amount of detail when blown up.




When an 800mm lens is mounted to the camera, you can read the signs on skyscrapers from over 9 miles away:



What’s more, Canon has developed a new “Turbulence Removal” technology that reduces the “fluctuations” you see in telephoto shots (i.e. the bending of light rays by air when viewing something from a great distance):


When the 250-megapixel sensor, super-telephoto lens, and Turbulence Removal are used together, you can clearly see a woman waving on the Eiffel Tower from 1.9 miles away:



There’s still no word from Canon as to when we might see this 250MP sensor appear in actual cameras, but it’s likely that initial applications will be geared towards industrial purposes rather than ordinary photography.