The Pug Life: Portraits of Pugs Posing as 80s and 90s Hip-Hop Artists


Photographer Adam Jackman-Moore runs a Perth, Australia-based dog photography studio called The Dog Photographers. Aside from standard portraits of people’s beloved pets, Jackman-Moore also does quirky photo projects.

For his latest effort titled The Pug Life, Jackman-Moore has been shooting portraits of pugs that are infused with 80s and 90s hip hop culture.

“This is purely a fun project on a slightly left from center subject matter,” Jackman-Moore tells us. Here are some of the portraits in the collection so far:

The Beastie


The Flavour


Run Pug


Crazy Eyes


Snoop Pug


Notorious P.U.G.


Pug Master Flash




Ice Puge


You can follow along with this project on the Pug Life website. You can also find more of Adam Jackman-Moore’s work on his website and on 500px.

Image credits: Photographs by Adam Jackman-Moore and used with permission