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solidLUUV: The World’s First All-In-One Stabilizer For Smaller Cameras



One of the modern day cruces of video filming is smooth stabilization. While many of us carry around smartphones with exceptional video capabilities, everyday moments seems to remain plagued by shaky footage. Now, a new German-based company has hit Kickstarter with the solidLUUV: the world’s first all-in-one stabilizer for smartphones, action cams, and compact cameras.


Providing three-axis stabilization for cameras up to 500 grams, the solidLUUV uses a flexible grip to ensure vibrations from your hand are not transferred to the recording device. A weighted gimbal is the heart of the product and keeps your unit stabilized thanks to a bit of help from gravity. Featuring a simple principle, solidLUUV is truly an ingenious idea for mobile videographers.


There is no need to carry around large rigs or extra tools to attached your gear; the solidLUUV includes a special Plug & Play mount for quickly connecting your favorite camera.


If it is your first time attaching a camera to the unit, you will have to dial-in your device’s recommended balancing weight. Luckily, a guide with all major cameras and their established balancing weight are included.

If you feel that the mechanical stabilization that solidLUUV provides is simply not enough, you can mount an electronic gimbal on top of the unit — a stabilizer upon a stabilizer. The result is the best of electronic and mechanical stabilization working together to form what the company is calling the ultraLUUV.

The standard solidLUUV is made from a combination of stainless steel and ABS plastics; it weighs in at 680 grams with a GoPro Hero4 attached. The ultraLUUV is made from the same materials but weighs slightly more at 800 grams due to the electronic stabilizer. Rechargeable Li-ion batteries are included for up to four hours of usage.

The Kickstarter campaign currently has 38 days to go with a goal of $113,034. At the time of this article, the LUUV project has already raised over $76,000. Those interested in the solidLUUV can pick up a unit starting at $112 while the ultraLUUV begins at $225. Estimated delivery for backers is May 2016.