Video: How to Use the Sun During Shoots at Sunrise, Noon, and Magic Hour

The sun can be a photographer’s best friend: it is a constant source of light that lasts all day and doesn’t require any power from your end to keep it up and running. However, knowing how exactly to work with a source of lighting that changes over time can be a bit difficult. In the 6-minute video above, director of photography Jon Salmon and his team show us how to use the sun during various times of the day to obtain the ideal lighting during a shoot.

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Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 11.53.52 AM

Salmon discusses photographing your subject during sunset, noon, and the ‘magic hour’ with specific tips for each portion of the day. Equipment used in the video include a white bed sheet, foam core from your local hardware store, and your smartphone of choice.

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Sun tracking apps can help photographers know exactly where the sun is at any given time, while white sheets and foam core can contribute to redirecting and diffusing light about your subject.

(via RocketJump via ISO 1200)