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Nikon Announces a New Black and Gold Leather Hot Shoe Cover



A few months ago, Nikon released a stainless steel hot shoe cover, the ASC-01, to help you spice up the look of your DSLR and protect its hot shoe mount contact points. Now, the company has released a new leather variation with gold writing. The ASC-02, as it is called, is only being sold in Japan for a price of ¥3,500 (~$28), but we’re pretty sure it’ll appear on eBay soon, just as the last model previously did.

The accessory is apparently designed for perfect pairing with the Nikon Df Gold edition. If you currently live in Japan, you can order the accessory right now via Amazon Japan. And we’ll leave it up to you to decide whether this accessory is a bit of fancy flare or just downright tacky.

(via Nikon Rumors)