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How to Make a Light Modifier for $5 with Card Stock, Glue, and Glitter


Here’s a neat little weekend project you can try doing if you’re looking for new lighting ideas. The Angry Photographer on YouTube posted this 10-minute video tutorial on how you can create a custom light reflector for around $5. All you need is black card stock, some colored glitter, and some strong glue.


“It really makes for a fascinating light,” the Angry Photographer says. “It’s a really, really neat effect for macro photography, child photography, indoor portraiture, and even outdoor portraiture.”

“How is this any different from a solid gold reflector like you see in the photography stores? It is different, and it’s because you’ve got thousands of tiny mirrors here, and it gives it a totally different effect.”




While there aren’t any sample photos shot using these DIY reflectors, it’s a cheap and easy light modifier you can experiment with for your own needs and enjoyment if you have some time (you’ll need about 30 minutes for creating the reflector and waiting for the glue to dry).

(via Theoria Apophasis via ISO 1200)

Image credits: Video and still frames by Theoria Apophasis