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$1,350 Camera Drone Whacked Out of the Air by an Angry Neighbor



The folks over at Lucky7Drones were testing out their $1,350 DJI Phantom 3 camera drone this week when an angry neighbor walked up and whacked the drone out of the air with a shirt, breaking the 4K camera and three of the props.

Luckily for the drone operators, the whole incident was captured on camera.

In a blog post, the drone owners write that the “extremely inebriated” neighbor actually committed a felony by damaging their drone since it’s valued at over $500 (in California anything over $900 is felony vandalism).

The drone's 4K camera was heavily damaged in the incident.
The drone’s 4K camera was heavily damaged in the incident.

When the cops arrived on the scene, they questioned the man about a big gash on his shin — it turns out that after the man smacked the drone, the drone gave the man’s leg a smacking as well.

“We want people to see this and know that violence and vandalism is NOT an acceptable way to handle drone issues,” the owners write. “Losing a $1350 drone as a family owned business is extremely damaging to us!”

They are currently considering taking the man to court in order to get the drone repaired or replaced.