$1,350 Camera Drone Whacked Out of the Air by an Angry Neighbor

The folks over at Lucky7Drones were testing out their $1,350 DJI Phantom 3 camera drone this week when an angry neighbor walked up and whacked the drone out of the air with a shirt, breaking the 4K camera and three of the props.

Luckily for the drone operators, the whole incident was captured on camera.

Prolific Graffiti Artist Brags Over Instagram, Earns 23 Counts of Felony Vandalism

If we've said it once, we've said a thousand times: don't post illegal activity to Instagram. Because while the photo sharing service does sometimes seem to be the domain of teenaged girls with a duck face problem and hipsters who would like to share their latte with you, the police also spend time on there.

That's a lesson notorious NYC graffiti artist Peter Podsiadlo, better known as SEMP, learned the hard way this week when his Instagram photos earned him 23 felony counts of vandalism.