This is the ‘Dehaze’ Tool Coming to Lightroom

At Adobe MAX 2014 last October, Adobe gave a tech preview of a new “dehaze” feature that it’s currently developing that can seemingly magically remove haze from photos. Above is a new sneak peek video Adobe just posted that shows what’s “coming soon to Lightroom CC.”

“The Dehaze tool helps you easily reduce or remove haze, common in many outdoor photos like landscapes,” Adobe writes. It appears as a new slider in the Develop module:


A quick drag can quickly do away with much of the haze found in your shot:


But that’s not all. The slider defaults to 0 and can be moved in both directions, removing or adding haze to your photo depending on your desired look:


That’s just a taste of what’s to come. We’ll likely be seeing this officially released through an update in the very near future.