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Portraits of Dogs Before and After Bath Time


Daisy_Shih Tzu

“Dry Dog Wet Dog” is an ongoing project by Brisbane, Australia-based pet photographer Serenah Hodson. It’s a series of side-by-side portraits showing dogs before and after they’re soaked with water.

Serenah says she got the idea for the project while washing her own dogs. “Their personalities change when they know it’s bath time,” she writes. So, she decided to shoot a series of photos showing how a dog’s appearance and personality both change when it comes to bath time.

Henri_Wire Dachshund

Harry_Lhasa Apso

Hudson_Australian Shepherd

Casper_Afghan Hound

Garfunkel_French Bulldog

Harry_Lhasa Apso_2


Pippa_Bichon Frise

Little G_Chow Chow

Miss Mei Li_Mini Poodle

Casper_Afgahn Hound

Bone_Old English Sheepdog

Angelica_Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen

Simon_British Bulldog

You can follow along with this project through its Facebook album or find more of Serenah’s work over on her website.

Dry Dog Wet Dog [Serenah Hodson via Laughing Squid]

Image credits: Photographs by Serenah and used with permission