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Brad Paisley Grabs Fan’s Camera and Uses it to Play a Slide Guitar Solo


Country music star Brad Paisley pulled an unusual camera stunt at a live show last year. While playing a guitar solo, Paisley grabbed the GoPro of a fan in the front row, held it against his guitar, and played a slide guitar solo with the camera as the slide.

The fan, Mike Perlof, later posted the entire 1-minute clip to YouTube, where it has since racked up hundreds of thousands of views. The camera slide action starts at about 35 seconds into the video.



It was “THE MOST AMAZING thing that has ever happened to me at a live show,” Perlof writes. “It was the perfect storm because I happened to not have my case on my GoPro which would have made it nearly impossible to play slide guitar with the camera at that angle that Brad got.”

“Not to mention passing the camera without skipping a single note and throwing it back to me perfectly. INSANE!”

Maybe next time Paisley will take it to the next level and try this same trick with a DSLR.