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Everyday App Version 2 Offers Multiple Timelines and Helpful New Features



If you’d like to create a time-lapse of your face over long periods of time like what photographer Noah Kalina has been doing, one of the easiest options out there is an app called Everyday. It has been a popular photo app in Apple’s app store since its launch in 2012, and today Version 2.0 of the app was released to make the experience even better and more flexible.

Co-founder William Wilkinson tells us that users can now purchase a $2 in-app upgrade to start multiple timelines. Instead of only photographing your own face, you can start new time-lapse projects for someone or something else in your life and document how they change over time.


The app still reminds you daily to take a photo, but now the reminders can be set to a particular time, a random time, or even a specific location (e.g. you can have it remind you to photograph yourself when you arrive at work or when you get back home).

There’s a slick new interface, as well as new backup options that let you safely beam full-resolution images to Dropbox (full-res is now saved in the app as well).

The Everyday app can be purchased for $2 from the Apple App Store.