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An Inspiring Review of Amazon’s Bestselling Tripod


The AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod is a $24 tripod that’s the #1 bestseller over on Amazon. The #1 review on that tripod is the 8-minute video above, submitted by a man named Michael Trimble.

“As you can see I have no arms so I need a tripod that is lightweight but full on perks,” Trimble his writes. “This tripod is EVERYTHING I hoped for & then some!”

“It is VERY easy to operate from manipulating the height to changing the swivel points for various angles. The knobs are nice & big making screwing/unscrewing very easy & effortless.”


Since it was posted in January 2014, hundreds of customers on Amazon have “upvoted” Trimble’s review into the #1 spot as the most helpful review on the site for this product. Many people have also responded to Trimble with comments, saying how inspiring his attitude is and how helpful his video was in their search for a tripod.