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Graph: How the Mirrorless Camera Industry in Japan Changed in 2014



Want to see how the mirrorless camera war is going over in Japan? Here’s a simple graph that will illuminate the situation. It was published recently by tech industry research company BCN, and shows how market share changed in Japan over the course of 2014.

According to these numbers, Sony has remained the market leader with its popular mirrorless camera models, but its share of the pie has actually decreased from over 40% a year ago to under 30% today. A good portion of that decrease is to Olympus trending upward.

Panasonic and Canon are both slightly trending upward in 3rd and 4th place, while Nikon and Fuji have yet to make a significant splash in the mirrorless industry (at least in terms of market share).

(via DicaHub via Mirrorless Rumors)