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Leaked Photo and Specs of the Canon 11-24mm f/4L Ultra-Wide Zoom Lens



Another photo of the soon-to-be-announced Canon 11-24mm lens has leaked onto the Internet. This lens was first outed back in September 2014 when a different photo popped up briefly online before being taken down.

In case you missed it the first time, here’s that first photo that shows the bulbous front element of the lens:

The rumored 11-24mm f/4L

The latest leak was published today over at digicam-info. Features will reportedly include: dust and water resistance, Subwavelength Structure Coating (SWC) and Air Sphere Coating (ASC) for reducing ghosting and flare, fluorine anti-smear coating for easier cleaning.

The 11-24mm f/4L will probably cost around $3,000 when it hits store shelves. Expect to see an official announcement sometime next week.