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The First Leaked Photos of the Olympus E-M5II



The first leaked photos have emerged showing the upcoming Olympus E-M5II. The camera is a followup to the popular Olympus E-M5, a camera announced back in 2012 that shook up the camera world with its retro styling.

The leaked photos first appeared over at Digicam-info and show that Olympus is sticking with a very similar design in the new camera. Here’s a look at what the original looks like:


It looks like Olympus is making the camera sleeker and even more “retro” by using chrome dials, wheels, and buttons instead of black ones. Here’s the top of the new camera:


…compared to the existing first generation design:


The leaked photo of the E-M5II’s backside suggests that the new LCD will be able to swing to the side:


The interface also appears to be much more simple and compact compared to the E-M5:


Specs-wise, the latest word is still that the new camera will contain the old camera’s sensor, except with a new “sensor shift” technology that allows for 40-megapixel photos (up from 16) by shifting the sensor for 8 different frames of the same scene, which are then combined into a single high-res photo.

43 Rumors says that other new improvements will be better 5-axis stabilization and clean HDMI-out (but no 4K recording as of yet).

There’s also a new Olympus 14-150mm F4-5.6II lens on the way, and a photo of that leaked as well:


We will likely officially hear about this new camera and lens in the first week of February 2015.