Google+ Can Now Apply Its Auto Enhance Magic to Your Home Videos

Back in May 2013, Google+ began offering auto enhancement to improve the quality of users’ photos. Now the magic has arrived for video as well.

Open a video through the Google+ website or through the Photos app on Android and you’ll see a new “Auto Enhance” feature that can automatically help correct lighting, color, stability, and speech.

The video above shows a before-and-after comparison of the enhancement. It’s a pretty low quality 240p video, but we see some stabilization and saturation changes in the version on the right.

In addition to applying the enhancement manually, the service will also actively monitor videos you store through Auto Backup. When it spots a video you can make improvements for, a banner will pop up on the website asking if you’d like to preview suggested enhancements side by side. If you like what you see, hit “Apply” and changes will be saved.

(via Tim St. Clair via The Verge)