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Nike Can Decorate Your Sneakers Based on the Color of Your Instagram Snaps



Instagram has been used in many different ways. We’ve seen the app inspire an awesome DIY photo booth and even become the tool of choice for certain photography projects. However, we never expected to see the day when you could use your Instagram photos to customize your footwear. And yet, that’s exactly what you can do with Nike’s PHOTOiD web app.

The website — which you can visit at this link — allows users to link up to their Instagram account and decorate a pair of kicks based on the colors in their Instagram photo of choice. We just hope you haven’t been overusing one particular filter, because if all of your photos look the same, so will all of your custom-colored options.


Using the service is pretty straightforward: link your account, pick from your archive, pick your shoe of choice (you’re limited to Nike’s Air Max 1, 90 and 94 iDs), select a final design, and buy. Of course, once you’re done picking out your colors (and naming your design) you’ll also have the option of sharing it with the world. But if that’s not your thing, you can go make final tweaks in the company’s online store and then shell out the cash to get the sneakers made.

Click here to check out the site for yourself and customize a pair of your own.

(via Engadget)