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This High Speed Camera Can Capture 4K at a Mind-Bending 900fps



One of the biggest challenges of shooting 4K Ultra HD footage is the sheer amount of data you’re processing. That’s about 30 8MP photos coming into your camera every single second. But the old FOR-A FT-ONE and the new, smaller, FOR-A FT-ONE-S scoff at your measly 30fps.

These cameras, while they definitely don’t come cheap, earn every penny of their price tags by capturing 4K footage at up to 900fps.

According to Imaging Resource, FOR-A is making headlines because this blazing-fast 4K at 900fps tech that appeared in their FT-ONE is somehow being made even smaller and more portable in the new FT-ONE-S.

Here’s a look at 4K shot at 860fps to give you an idea of what super-high-def footage like this looks like at such incredible frame rates:

Of course, you’ve guessed it by now haven’t you? This capability doesn’t come cheap… at all. The FT-ONE-S doesn’t have an official price as of yet, but IR says the original FT-ONE sold for $130,000 USD when it first arrived, and still goes for $100K now.

The new version is smaller, more portable, better weather sealed, and capable of being operated from as far as half a mile away… chances are good it’ll cost more than its predecessor did.