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Sample Footage & Shooting Impressions: Panasonic’s 4K-Capable GH4


Panasonic is serious about the 4K-capable GH4 as both a video AND stills camera. But particularly in the stills category, a price tag that will likely push 2 grand and a sensor that is only Micro Four Thirds size makes for an uphill battle when it comes to convincing folks to jump on board.

In hopes that maybe some first-hand accounts will sway you, Panasonic gave a handful of professional photographer and videographers the chance to try out the camera ahead of release and deliver their shooting impressions.

Below you’ll find shooting impressions from a landscape photographer, a wildlife photographer, a photojournalist and, of course, given the GH4’s main selling point is 4K video, a filmmaker. Additionally, we’ve also included the first 4K sample footage out of the GH4. Enjoy and we’ll catch you on the other side of these videos!

Takehito Miyatake – Landscape Photographer: Shooting Impression

Bence Máté – Wildlife Photographer: Shooting Impression

Daniel Berehulak – Photojournalist: Shooting Impression

Bryan Harvey – Filmmaker: Shooting Impression

Brian Harvey: 4K Video Sample ‘Light of the Yucatan’

As you can see, this camera is a force to be reckoned with. Admittedly, for still photographers with no interest in the latest advances in video, there are other options that will probably serve you better by giving you more sensor real estate to work with. But the smaller sensor doesn’t seem to be taking away much wow-factor where this camera is concerned.

To learn more or see some of the spectacular sample shots that each of the above photographers captured using the new camera, head over to Panasonic’s GH4 Special Gallery by clicking here.