Sony Announces Pro Support Service: Quick Repairs, Loaners and More for Pro Photographers


As more and more professional photographers make the jump to Sony (for one reason or another), it only makes sense that the electronics giant start offering professional services along the line of Canon’s CPS program and Nikon’s NPS program.

And that is exactly what the company has decided to do. As of this morning, Sony Imaging has officially launched what it’s calling the Sony PRO Support service program.

The premium support service costs $100/year to enroll and features dedicated phone support, free camera maintenance, 3-day repair turn-around services and even loaner cameras for when yours is in for repair.

Beyond repair and maintenance support, the PRO Support service program also gives you access to try-before-you-buy ‘Evaluation Loaners,’ meaning even the most expensive gear Sony has to offer can be given a test-run for free as long as your membership is in good standing.


The one caveat is that not just anyone can enroll in Sony’s program. There are two requirements.

One: you must be the proud owner of two Sony Alpha full-frame interchangeable lens cameras and three Sony Zeiss and/or G-Series lenses; and two: you must be able to prove that you’re a working professional photographer, be it on your own or as an employee under a larger business.

If you meet the criteria, however, and you’re looking for extra benefits as a Sony user, the program looks extremely worthwhile. For more information or if you’d like to enroll in the program, head on over to Sony’s PRO Support service program site.