Rumor: Canon Working on a ‘Modular’ DSLR that Will Let You Swap Out the Viewfinder and More


Here’s an interesting rumor from the Canon camp. You know that ‘modular’ phone Google is working on that will let you swap out pieces of it — say, the camera, or the processor — by removing and attaching different pieces? Well, fresh rumors suggest Canon is thinking of doing something similar with a forthcoming DSLR.

According to Canon Rumors, the camera would likely be video focused, “but a competent stills shooter as well,” and would allow you to swap out parts like the viewfinder and other pieces the tipster didn’t elaborate on.

For now that’s all we know, but CR expects it to show up sometime in 2015 — possibly at NAB in April, given its video roots — so stay tuned over the following months and we’ll let you know if and when these innovative mumblings turn into something more concrete.