Pentax K-S1 Promo Features a Bad Photoshop Job


Ricoh Imaging added a set of ‘tasty’ new colors to its Pentax K-S1 lineup this past week, but its marketing for the camera appears to be backfiring. Photographers are groaning about a promo for the new camera colors. The ad (shown above) uses a badly Photoshopped stock photo to show off the camera.

Here’s what the original promo looked like (click it it see a larger version):


What’s bizarre is that the promo makes the camera look extremely small in the woman’s hands — about the size of a small compact camera. The camera is much larger in reality.

It makes sense though: the original stock photo from Fotosearch did feature a woman holding a tiny compact camera.


Over at the DPReview forums, photographers are calling the image a “marketing flop” and “false advertising.” In the future, Ricoh might want to think about shooting real photos of new Pentax cameras with Pentax cameras.