28-Foot Camera Stand Gets You Aerial Style Images Without the Drone


Not long ago we shared with you a clever trick from CheesyCam that took your photography to new heights by using a massive yet inexpensive 12-foot tripod. But if that wasn’t high enough for you, there’s an even taller option out there.

It’s a huge 28-foot camera stand, and it’s appropriately called the MegaMast.

The idea for seeking out the MegaMast came to CheesyCam when he decided to find a way to capture aerial-style images without the need for a drone, since many locations have now made the flying camera copters illegal, and they’re sometimes more of a hassle than they’re worth.

The nine minute video above demonstrates the MegaMast and its capabilities, but the long-and-short of it is that this monster is one of the best solutions out there for ‘aerial’ photography when a quadcopter just isn’t an option.

At roughly 16lbs and 69-inches when collapsed, it’s not exactly tiny, but when you take into account its reach, the fact that it weighs so little and can shrink down to roughly 1/5th of its original size is pretty impressive.

Here’s a look at the difference between photos taken at ground level, and those taken with the MegaMast fully extended:



Sadly, impressive doesn’t always equal cheap. While it won’t cost you as much as even the affordable DJI quadcopters, the MegaMast will run you a whopping $600… so it’s not for everybody.

If you want to learn more or grab one for your self, head over to Seaport Digital by clicking here.