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Some Of The Worst Photography Advice We’ve Ever Heard



It’s a given, when you start photography you’ll be bombarded by people in the ‘know’ about how to photograph, what to photograph and when to photograph. In my time working in the imaging industry I’ve heard many of these suggestions, both from beginners and professionals.

The same goes for the majority of the contributors over at F Stop Lounge, so we put together a list of the worst advice we’ve heard over the years…

  • If you have the most expensive camera you’ll be the best photographer.
  • You don’t need a spare battery.
  • One memory card is enough.
  • You need expensive gear to be a professional photographer.
  • You can just Photoshop it later.
  • Always use prime lenses because they’re sharper.
  • Only shoot at ISO 100 as it’s the best.
  • To beginners: “X” lens is the best to start with, buy that! (It’s usually some ridiculously expensive lens like an 85 1.2 or a tilt shift).
  • Put the sun behind your back when taking photos of people.
  • Any advice that ends with “because it is the right way to do things” or “because it is the best” is the worst advice.
  • Advice that only gives exact settings instead of the reasons behind each one.. ie – night photography: shoot at ISO3200, f2.8 & 30 seconds.. Versus explaining why a high ISO is necessary and a 2.8 aperture.
  • Don’t photograph into the sun.
  • Always use a filter on the front of your lens.
  • Don’t break the rule of thirds.
  • Just point and click.
  • Your cameras built in flash is perfectly fine, you don’t need an external flash.

Thanks to F Stop Lounge contributors Craig McCormick, Ugo Cei, Paul Pichugin and Andre Appel for sharing some of the worst advice you’ve heard.

About the author: Leigh Diprose is a photographer and social media specialist based in Melbourne Australia. This article was originally published on F Stop Lounge.

Image credits: Featured photograph by Handy Andy Pandy