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5 Worst Editing Mistakes in Landscape Photography


Photographer Mark Denney has put together a helpful video for beginners, in which he points out five of the most common photo editing mistakes he’s seen and made when it comes to shooting landscapes.

Of course, any “worst” mistakes video is going to be up for debate, and Denney admits as much. But it’s hard to disagree with the five points he’s put together, especially when you listen to Denney explain each point in detail in the video above.

Here are his 5 mistakes in order of increasing “impact” on the quality of your image:

  • Bright Shadows – Don’t just drag your Shadows slider to +100 and call it a day.
  • Leaving in Distractions – Don’t be lazy! Take the time to remove distracting elements.
  • Poor Cropping – The right crop/composition can make an image… or ruin it entirely.
  • “Bad” Contrast – Try to find that perfect balance between “too much” contrast and “not enough” contrast for any particular scene.
  • Over-Editing – We’ve all done this…

Check out the full video to dive much deeper into each of these tips, including sample before-and-after images that show how much of a difference they can make. And if you want to add something to Denney’s list, drop your own “worst photo editing mistakes” in the comments down below.

(via ISO 1200)