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This Guy’s ‘Selfie a Day’ Project Spans 8 Years and is a Creative Stop Motion Video

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“One selfie per day” projects require a great deal of commitment but aren’t exactly novel these days — everyone and their mother seems to have hopped onboard the bandwagon after Noah Kalina’s everyday project went viral.

Still, there are still the select few that stand out from among the rest. One of them is the video above, which shows 8 years of a young man’s life in continuous stop-motion.

The video, posted by YouTube user dumo, consists of 2,900 photographs shot between September 2006 and August 2014. That’s just short of 8 full years of daily mugshots.


What’s interesting about dumo’s project is that his face isn’t the only thing that’s staying consistent between shots. His photograph every day would almost always be in the same location as the previous selfie (except when he’s away from home on vacations and such).

By slightly adjusting his position and framing for each day’s shot, dumo successfully created a stop-motion video showing himself aging 8 years while walking around inside/outside his house while doing various things (e.g. sleeping, showering, watching TV).

P.S. dumo is also doing a similar picture-a-day project featuring his young son.

1 Comment