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Girl Shoots Selfie Every Day from Ages 14 To 22 for 8-Year Timelapse


A 22-year-old woman has created a viral timelapse video of herself aging 8 years in 3.5 minutes. She has been faithfully shooting a selfie a day since age 14 for the frames in the video.

Design student Eadington says that she was inspired after seeing all the other “selfie-a-day” projects (popularized by Noah Kalina’s “everyday”) that were popular online and noticing that most of them were being done by men.

“When I started the project there were a couple viral videos of the same nature already out there, though many of the ones I had seen were guys, so I was interested in how it would be if a girl did it,” Eadington tells the Press Association. “My decision to start was mainly because I didn’t like what I looked like at 14 – and I hoped that as I grew up, if I a had a log of where I’d came from, I’d be able to compare back and feel better about myself in the future, which I think I can do now.”

Eadington, an American student living in the UK, has been sharing annual updates to her project since year 6 on her YouTube channel, and she has no plans of bringing her project to an end anytime soon.

(via Laughing Squid and Irish Examiner)