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Wedding Photographer Manages to Convince Snoop Dogg to Crash One of His Gigs


Chris Seibel, one of the photographers at Chicago-based Allusion Photography, was going about his day-to-day photographing a “beautiful” Hindu wedding when he got the photo surprise of a lifetime.

Siebel has been shooting weddings for eight years, but this most recent Labor Day weekend wedding is the one he will always remember thanks to a surprise cameo by none other than Snoop Dogg (or is it Snoop Lion now?) himself.

Apparently, the groom’s mother is a huge fan, so when they saw the star’s armored BMW entourage pull up outside of the hotel where the reception was being held, she asked Siebel to do “whatever it takes” to get him in on the wedding. Sibeal, after some sweet talking with the body guards, managed to pull it off:

The couple and photographer were pulled into the bar area for an impromptu photo op, where Siebel even got to take some pictures with Snoop Dogg’s own cell phone. As he explains in the video above:

We took a couple shots and [Snoop] is like ‘hey dog’ and he reaches into his pocket and grabs his cell phone; and he wanted me to take a couple shots with his own cell phone. So, that was an honor, too.

That picture, of course, were shared on Instagram:

It’s funny… Wedding photography is often thought of as one of, if not THE, least appealing of the professional genres. But with Snoop Dogg and Bill Murray and Zach Braff crashing wedding and engagement shoots left and right, it might be the easiest way to meet celebrities other than being an actual celebrity photographer.

To read the full story right from the source, check out the blog post about this shoot on the Allusion Photography website.

(via WGAL)