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Pics.io Goes Live! Brings Browser-Based, Google Drive-Powered RAW Editing and Photo Organization to All


It was just over a year ago that we told you about Pics.io, a platform that promised to bring the RAW editing and photo organization capabilities of programs like Lightroom to your browser.

Well, after a year spent mostly under wraps and unusable, Pics.io is officially in public beta and ready for the world take it for a spin.

To briefly hit on the main points covered in our initial coverage, Pics.io is an effort to bring your photo editing workflow to the browser, only rather than hosting — and charging — you to host your photos on their servers, they tap into Google Drive, a much more stable and affordable option.

Once connected with Google Drive, Pics.io acts as Lightroom-on-the-go, if you will, letting you edit everything from JPEGs to Canon and Nikon RAW files. And, as is standard for any photo management platform, you can also organize, label, tag and otherwise tweak your images.

According to its founders, Pics.io has taken long strides since its introduction as a private alpha, running far smoother and offering much more capability in terms of quality. And we have to say, the idea of Lightroom’s organization AND RAW editing capabilities being available in your browser is very intriguing to us.

To give it a shot for yourself, head on over to Pics.io’s website and take a look. All you need to sign up is a Google Account with Drive set up and some photos to edit.