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500px Launches ‘Insights,’ New Analytics App for iOS



Today, 500px launched a new iOS app. It’s called 500px Insights and its purpose is to provide users access to the statistics of their 500px content. Not only does it provide statistics though, it’s also meant to provide a better promotional platform to strategically engage with their audience, all from a mobile device.


500px Insights offers a plethora of features, showing both personalized statistics and statistics from the 500px community as a whole.

On the global level, users can browse and sort through the most viewed, commented, liked and rated photographs. Beyond these demographics, users can also take a look at what cameras, glass and other gear are most ubiquitous throughout the community.

When logged in, 500px gives rich insights to user’s profiles and photos, providing them with the latest notifications for their account, the number of activities made on your content and granular stats as to when your content is most active.


Those who have a 500px Plus account gain access to even more thorough insights. From advanced graphs to chart progress to more detailed insights through customizable analytics, the options the app offers are borderline limitless.

It’s a rather unexpected surprise from 500px, but it’s one we see dramatically improving the workflow and networking capabilities of users. Not only that, but such an app will certainly appeal to new users, looking for the most efficient and effective way to share their photographic content online.

You can download the app for free over in the iOS App Store. It requires iOS 7.0 or later, which, according to the latest reports, 90% of the iOS population is running.