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DIY: How to Turn a Canon Kit Lens From an EF-S to EF Mount



Last week we shared a guest post that detailed how using your kit lens isn’t so bad after all. Following in the footsteps of that post, we have a convenient little DIY project by Instructable user G. M., who decided to prolong the lifespan of his own kit lens, by converting his Canon 18–55 f/3.5–5.6 from an EF-S to an EF mount.

The steps involved are fairly straightforward, involving the disassembly, sawing, then rebuilding up of the rear-mount. But, straightforward doesn’t always mean simple. The tools needed include a phillips-head screwdriver, a small hacksaw, a flat file, sandpaper and quality epoxy glue. Beyond the tools, steady hands and patience is greatly beneficial.


We can’t speak on the quality of the resulting image, as he hasn’t seemed to share any, but it’s a neat little hack that at least makes sure your kit lens isn’t just gathering dust. To check out the full tutorial, head on down to the link below and get your toolboxes ready.

Canon EF-S to EF Mount by G.M. [via Instructables]