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Unique Wedding Photographs Taken Inside an Ice Cave in Alaska



We promise we didn’t plan it, but after sharing Josh Newton’s amazing wildfire wedding photographs last month, we’ve managed to stumble across their antithesis today.

Last month it was wedding photos in front of a raging wildfire. This month we give you another beautifully-shot set of wedding pictures, this time taken inside a bonafide, had-to-kayak-to-get-there ice cave.

The photographs were taken by Juneau-based Chris Beck, who sent them to us earlier today. And while we can’t confirm whether or not these are “the first photos… of a bride and a groom underneath a glacier” they are certainly the first we’ve seen and the best we could find.


The coolest (no pun intended) thing about these photos, however, is that this wasn’t just a “let’s get interesting wedding photos” stunt. The images fit bride Sarah Morin and groom Torsten Ernst, whose relationship “is all about Juneau” according to Chris.

“As avid outdoors people, what could be more symbolic than a photo shoot of a bride in an ice cave?” he writes on his Facebook page. “To get there, we had to kayak out, and climb the side of a mountain. But it was worth every second.”


We have to agree with Chris: the photos, which were taken in the heart of the Mendenhall glacier after the couple’s May 24th nuptials, were worth every second of work he had to do to capture them.

To see more of his work, head over to the Chris Beck Photography website by clicking here.

(via The Knot)

Image credits: Photographs by Chris Beck and used with permission