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Nikon D810 BTS & Promo Video Roundup: Get to Know the New Nikon Shooter



There’s only so much specs, a press release and a product description will tell you. And so, since there’s still a month’s worth of time standing between you and actually touching the new Nikon D810, we’ve hit up all of the Nikon YouTube channels to compile the best promo, intro and behind the scenes videos we could find.

Each video is accompanied by a short description so you know what you’re in for. We hope you enjoy getting to know Nikon’s newest shooter a bit better.

Nikon D810 Product Tour

A quick visual run-through of the most pertinent D810 features. Great if you’re not interested in reading the full announcement:

Nikon D810 Promo: Dream Park

A 12 minute promo video that shows off the Nikon’s video capabilities in a variety of different lighting situations. Inspirational or cheesy, depending on your level of cynicism.

Nikon Canada Introduction to the D810, Part 1

Nikon Canada’s Mark Cruz goes over the main features and functions of the new D810 as they pertain to shooting stills. The new sensor, impressive ISO range, sRAW capability and more are all covered.

Nikon Canada Introduction to the D810, Park 2

Mark Cruz is back, this time taking you through the filmmaking features of the D810. Still shooters need not skip though, the time-lapse and interval functions are covered, as are some other useful features like the ‘zebra stripes’ capability that points out overexposed areas in live view.

Behind the Scenes with Lucas Gilman and the D810

Award-winning photographer and adventure & travel filmmaker Lucas Gilman takes the new camera for a spin with some help from pro surfer Eric Soderquist and pro kayaker Joel Kowalski.

Behind the Scenes with Miss Aniela and the D810

Fine-art and commercial photographer Miss Aniela shows off the D810’s capabilities in a studio environment in this ‘fashion and fantasy’ shoot.

And that’s it for what we found out there that was actually useful. There are a plethora of other ‘intro’ videos and such, but all of them cover mostly the same basic features outlined in our announcement.

Of course, it’s definitely possible we missed something awesome/useful, so if you find another video you think we should include in this post, feel free to drop a link in the comments and we’ll update!