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RagLite Looks to Kickstart the World’s First Flexible LED Light Bank


With LED lighting systems growing in popularity for both video and photo use, it’s inevitable some interesting variations of such setups are going to come out. Case in point: behold the RagLite, or as its creators prefer to call it, “the first-ever flexible LED light bank.”

Developed by Chad Soderholm and engineered by Sin Cohen, RagLite uses a flat, lightweight design that is both waterproof and virtually indestructible. By combining a versatile mounting setup with a heat-free design, RagLite seems to offer, quite literally, a much more flexible option for lighting up scenes.

Color-matched to daylight or tungsten, the RagLite should work in almost any environment you toss it into. If you’re looking for an extra bit of pop, they are also offering up RGB versions that allow you to switch up the color output. And, finally, the RagLite also comes in a “Rugged” version that’s built for more demanding environments.


Ranging in size from a 4”x4” RagLite Mini for $75, to a 14”x24” color-corrected RagLite Cine for $2,400, there are plenty of options for anyone looking to get their hands on one. It’s by no means going to be the most powerful or perfectly color-balanced option available, but the pricing is much lower than alternative options and its portability definitely makes it stand out.

As of this writing, the team is just short of halfway to their $25,000 goal, with three weeks left to raise the rest. Head on over to the Raglite Kickstarter to dive into the details, look through the size options, and make your pledge.

(via PopPhoto)