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Lytro Documentary Brings Images to Life Through the Eyes of 5 Photographers


Lytro recently created a fascinating documentary to show off the capabilities of its new Illum camera.

By teaming up with five different photographers, all from different styles of work, the company was able to capture how this new approach to photography can be used to turn a photograph into something more… an experience.

Coming in at eleven minutes, the documentary gives us a glimpse into the life of the 5 lucky photographers who had the opportunity to play around with the Lytro Illum, and it gets its point across well.


Watching it, it’s evident that this new technology not only changes how viewers see and interact with an image, it also dramatically affects how a photographer goes about creating and composing it in the first place.

The Lytro technology forces photographers to create images with more depth than ever before, both literally and metaphorically speaking. And thanks to the interactive viewing offered by light-field images, those photographs can be experienced in just as much depth.

But enough from us. Check out the video at the top to follow along with Anna Webber, Roman Leo, Lori Nix, Kyle Thompson and Brian Nevins as they discover just how different they seem to approach the subjects and scenes they photograph with the Illum in hand.