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From Sailing to Shabang: Peter Hurley Tells the Tale of How He Became a Photographer


It’s always interesting to hear how photographers ended up with the career they did. Photography is interesting because, unlike most jobs, it’s something that can be completely self-taught. This leads to a photo community made up of incredibly varied backgrounds and fascinating cross-over stories, and headshot master Peter Hurley has just such a story.

As part of [a]’s #BehindtheGlass series, Hurley shares the fascinating tale of the twists and turns that led him into the world of photography. From his youth as an Olympic sailing hopeful traveling all over the world to his experience being photographed by the great Bruce Weber for Ralph Lauren, his journey is anything but ‘standard’ (if there even is such a thing) and goes to show that absolutely anyone from any background can become a world-class photographer.

The video comes in at twelve minutes, so it’s a bit lengthy, but we’re confident this story will keep you glued to your computer screen for every last second.

(via ISO 1200)