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Leopard Mom and Cub Get their Paws on Park Ranger’s GoPro


Remember the first time you picked up a camera? Maybe it was a film SLR, maybe it was a crappy digital point-and-shoot, or maybe it was a full-fledged professional DSLR, but either way you probably approached it a little bit like this Leopard momma and her 10-month-old cub approached a park ranger’s GoPro.

The story goes that park ranger Roan Ravenhill left his GoPro set up on a wooden stand in the middle of the 33,000-acre MalaMala Game Reserve to try and capture some footage of wildlife. Well, he got his wish… although he probably didn’t expect the wildlife to try and steal his camera.

The curious cats came to investigate, played with the camera a little bit and then, curiosity not yet satisfied, they took the camera for a walk. Fortunately for us the camera survived, and so did this fun footage that makes for a great way to start off the last work day of the week.

(via Laughing Squid)