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One Second in Every Country in the World: The Ultimate Selfie Collection


Looks like you’re going to have to up your selfie game once again, because you’ve got nothing on British filmmaker and adventurer Graham Hughes.

Last month, Hughes officially received the Guinness World Record for being the first person to ever travel to every country (at least the ones acknowledged by the UN) on Earth without flying… and to make matters more photographic, he took a one second “selfie video” in every single country on the way. The result is the nifty four-minute video you see above.

Over 400 hours of video were captured, over 10,000 photographs were taken, and more than 1 million GPS data points were logged throughout Hughes’ four year and approximately $12k Odyssey Expedition.

Watch the short video for yourself and see how many countries you can check off the list. And if you’d like to see more in depth videos from his travels throughout the world, then you definitely need to check out his YouTube channel.

(via Reddit)