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Interesting New ‘Donut Selfie’ Technique Makes for Cool Travel-Lapse Videos


Have you ever heard of the ‘donut selfie’? Probably not since it was just ‘debuted’ today, but it’s actually pretty neat. A donut selfie is an interesting take on the video selfie that uses a panoramic technique to create a perpetual, seamless selfie across multiple locations.

We’ve seen similar techniques before, but never anything quite like Karen X. Cheng‘s new ‘donut’ version. Plus, you can create one from start to finish using just a phone.

The premise behind it is quite simple: using the front-facing camera on your smartphone, you take a video from one side of your head and capture your face and the scenery in the background as you ‘orbit’ the camera around to the other side.

You repeat the process as many times in as many places as you’d like, and then create the complete ‘donut selfie’ by cleverly editing the final videos together.

Here’s a three-part tutorial Karen put together to show you exactly how it’s done:

The result of all the work above is a location-lapse style video selfie that could make for some interesting travel videos as you transport the viewer from place to place with each transition.

To find out more about the Donut Selfie, or if you create your own and want to see it featured, head over to the technique’s dedicated website by clicking here.