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Samyang Says No AF Lenses on the Way, But Not Because They Don’t Want To



Dicahub recently sat down with a Samyang Optics rep at the P&I Show 2014 to talk about future plans and help clear up some of the rumors that have been floating around about what the company has in store.

You can read the full interview here (translated here) but the main piece of news to come out of Samyang is the fact that they are not working on AF lenses because… well… they can’t.

According to the rep, Samyang had spoken to “Canon, Nikon and others” about developing AF lenses, but “there are several issues like licensing.” Even with open mounts like Micro Four Thirds or E-Mount, only the basic info is ‘open.’


One of the reasons people were so convinced AF was coming was a comment by Samyang themselves on Facebook where they mentioned a Canon 35mm AF lens, but the rep said that comment was the result of miscommunication when they were still in talks with the big companies.

Other info revealed in the interview and Canon Watch‘s followup with Dicahub includes the news that Samyang is actively working on implementing electronic aperture support for Canon and other brands, and the news that the April 28th announcement will bring a 7.5mm fish-eye and one other cine lens.

For more details head over to Canon Watch or check out the full translated interview on Dicahub.