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Inspired Stop Motion Animation Shot Using Laser-Cut Wood Pieces

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Created by Netherland-based director and animator Andre Maat, this incredible little stop-motion animated film, dubbed WOODOO, was created with the help of a whole lot of laser-cut wood pieces.

Matt says his goal was “to play with the shape and consistency of wood and bring it to life.” Personally, I feel like he pulled that off in spades, giving the wood an impressively fluid feel throughout the short film.

Sadly (or maybe not so sadly…) there isn’t much info about how it came together. As far as credits, Maat makes sure to thank Mike Zonneveld for being the hands, Lux&Co for the lighting, Fablab Amsterdam for the laser-cutting, freesound.org for the sounds effects and Chop Wood for the music.

The final video is only 47 seconds long, but this production is still one of the more creative and (very likely) time intensive stop motion animations we’ve featured in some time.

(via Booooooom via Colossal)

1 Comment