NYC Wedding Photographer Ryan Brenizer On How To Find Your Individual Style

Ryan Brenizer is back again, talking through some more useful wedding photography knowledge with B&H. Last time Brenizer shared some tips on how to capture great engagement photographs; this time, he’s sharing how to really define your style as a wedding photographer.

In a market as over-saturated as the wedding photography market is, there needs to be something that makes you stand out from the masses, whether it’s a product you offer, a “trademark” shot you’re known for, or something else along those lines. Brenizer breaks down a few ways that he has managed to separate his work from the rest of the market and gives tips on how you can do the same.

Coming in at just over nine minutes, it’s a bit of a lengthy watch on a Friday when you’d probably rather be browsing Peter Griffin’s Instagram feed, but it’s solid information from a well-seasoned wedding photographer that all photographers could take something away from.