Humor: Family Guy’s Peter Griffin Officially Joins Instagram

For the record, we realize that this is only marginally photo related, but we couldn’t help ourselves. Because Family Guy protagonist Peter Griffin has officially joined Instagram, and he’s already taking on some of the photo clich├ęs that make us cringe.

The account, according to Digiday, was created by Fox to market the upcoming Family Guy video game in a creative new way, so it is in fact official and not somebody just messing around. The ‘photos’ are created by a member of Family Guy’s marketing team and the captions — complete with hilarious hashtags — are being put together by the show’s writers.

So far, the account has only been live for all of a week and already @peterpupkineater69 has an enviable following of over 67,500 people who regularly contribute over 10K likes and hundreds of comments on each photo he posts.

There are only eight up so far, here are our favorites:

A #latergram, a photo of his feet at the beach and a couple of images of his nemesis chicken have already made it onto the account. A spokeswoman told Digiday that the account is scheduled to stay active the rest of the year as a way to promote both the game and the show. She also added that fans might even find hints at future episodes if they watch the Instagram pics closely.

So, if you want to add a fictional character to the prestigious list of people you follow on Instagram — a list that hopefully includes some of these folks — head over to the @peterpumpkineater69 page by clicking here.