Wedding Photography Tips: Ryan Brenizer on How to Shoot Engagement Sessions

Leave it to none other than award-winning wedding photographer Ryan Brenizer to create a wonderful breakdown on how best to approach engagement photography. In this eight and a half minute video created by B&H Photo, Brenizer does an incredible job of running through all of the critical aspects of planning for and going through with an engagement shoot.

Starting off with what engagement shoots are and what their end goal should be, Brenizer answers a question we all know. However, he shares what an engagement session is in a different light than we sometimes tend to think, especially when we’re thinking about the gear, locations, etc. needed for the shoot.


From there, he continues on, making note of some of the best methods to logistically go about an engagement shoot and helping you get the most diversity out your images in the least amount of time.

He also gives some examples of how various scenes and settings are a better fit for particular types of couples because they better reflect the dynamic within their relationship.

It’s a great watch and even as someone who’s shot dozens of engagement sessions, I pulled out some new knowledge from the video. Give it a watch and share your own tips below if you have anything you want to add!

(via ISO 1200)