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Gofor Envisions a World Where Drones are an On-Demand Service


It’s only an idea, a thought experiment that is equal parts cool and terrifying from a privacy perspective, but the Gofor concept is definitely turning heads. Right now, getting into drone photography is pretty pricey, but Gofor imagines a world where you could rent one right from your smartphone.

It sounds as groundbreaking and fraught with challenges as Amazon’s drone deliver concept, but that’s exactly what Gofor is about: on-demand drones.

Forget having to spend almost two grand on a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+, if Gofor ever became a reality that aerial shot would simply require you to ask a Gofor drone to take a picture or record a high quality video of *insert scene here*. The drone comes, does the job, transmits the footage to you, and then leaves. You don’t even have to know how to pilot it.

The concept was created by Alex Cornell and Phil Mills, the second of whom you can see in the above video explaining the idea as if it was already a reality. And while this is only a thought experiment, it does make you wonder how far into the future something like Gofor would be.

Regulations, safety concerns and privacy concerns all have to be addressed before a concept like this would even be possible (and we’re not even taking into account the technological advances and infrastructure that this would require) but the ability to rent a drone for the day that you could command to do your photographic bidding is, if nothing else, intriguing.

You can find out more about the concept on the Gofor website, but before you do that, let us know what you think about the idea. Does your opinion match up better with creepy or cool, and do you think a service like this will actually exist in the not-so-distant future? Drop you opinion in the comments.

(via Laughing Squid)